Stream Tayyib Ali’s New Album, ‘The Most High’

Philadelphia’s new sensation Tayyib Ali is riding a wave right now with so much buzz surrounding his new album release, titled, ‘The Most High’.

Built around a consistent trend of well-developed new music, Tayyib’s new album is a 22-track taste making vibe that will turn newfound fans into true believers instantly. The project features breakout cuts like, “Everywhere That We Go”, “My Story”, and “In My City”. Production on the album is handled by Noodle, 2Astronauts, Ben Rosen, DJ Grumble, Team Air, and so many more.

‘The Most High’ has been available for Apple Music users for sometime now but now available for everyone via Soundcloud through Keystone Records. Listen to the 48-minute project above and get familiar.

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