Borgore Ft. Miley Cyrus – Decisions (CRaymak Bootleg) [Free Download]

I can’t believe it’s almost been 5 years since Borgore teamed up with Miley Cyrus for “Decisions.” And since the epic release, the song obviously received an insane music video.

And now today, CRaymak takes on the classic for his First of Month series. So check it out above, read what he had to say about the remix, and grab the free download below.

Next one from my First of Month series, this time I’ve taken on decisions by Borgore and Miley Cyrus. I remember when this song was first released with the music video, first off I was caught off guard to hear Miley Cyrus on a dubstep track! After jamming to it a few more times, I then showed it to my best friends (during the our second year of university) and it immediately became our party anthem and stuck with us for the following years. I was reminded recently that we were joking around and decided to mosh in the hallway of their apartment for about 30 seconds and when the drop hit, one of my friends “booty popped” my other friend through the wall. So blessed to have nostalgic party anthems with friends!

Download: Borgore Ft. Miley Cyrus – Decisions (CRaymak Bootleg)

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