Rihanna’s Bates Motel Shower Scene Has A Must-See Alternate Ending

Many of fans were thrilled at the announcement of singer/actress Rihanna playing the infamous role of Marion Crane in A&E series Bates Motel. If you are familiar with the show’s original film adaption, ‘Psycho’, you are fully aware that Marion Crane character is the star of the infamous shower murder scene in the iconic horror classic film.

Last night’s episode of Bates Motel marked the current Rihanna’s Marion Crane character infamous shower murder; however, it appears A&E has bigger plans in story for RiRi and fans as the singer did not die as planned but instead a “real” alternate ending moment as the character simply walks out of the shower after saying in a trendy fashion, “Screw This”.

While the suspense was in the scene and everything from the music to the camera angles, and mood suggested a timely death was on the way. Rihanna walked out of the scene unharmed and left fans in shock in a different way.

Watch the clip above and check out new episodes of the ‘Bates Motel’ every Monday on A&E.

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