Quinn XCII Shares New Single “Make Time” About Balancing Music, Friends & Family

Quinn XCII has been pleasantly tiptoeing the fine line between pop and hip-hop music, and the result has always been a smooth, catchy vibe. Thankfully, he continues the trend with his latest release, “Make Time.”

Life is busy for a succesful, signed musician, and he wants the people close in his life to understand that.

“‘Make Time’ is about the challenges of balancing family and friends with music, touring, and living so far from home.” Quinn told Complex.

“Writing this song felt so natural because it’s something I’m experiencing at this very moment in life. I write a lot about past experiences and storytelling from other perspectives, so when I have the chance to talk about something I’m currently going through, it feels especially personal and special.”

Quinn XCII is currently making his way around the midwest, and you can check out the dates and tickets here.

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