Jack Ü Has An Unreleased Collaboration with Spoon

According to a recent Spoon interview in Rolling Stone regarding the release of their ninth studio album, they revealed the existence of an unreleased collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo’s supergroup Jack Ü.

Bandmembers Britt Daniel and Alex Fischel claim the group met with Jack Ü at a mansion in Malibu to work on Spoon’s track “Can I Sit Next To You,” off their ‘Hot Thoughts‘ album. It ended up turning into a 20 minute jam sesh:

He worked so fast,” Fischel says […]. “There was one point where the computer glitched out and he just yanked out the audio interface and just kept going on another machine. And all of a sudden, he just goes, ‘Bah! Bah!’ just sampling his voice into the laptop microphone and he made a melody with that. It was like he had Tourette’s or something.”

“I didn’t know what the fuck he was doing with that, ‘Bah!’” Daniel says, as they both laugh. “Then shortly after you’d hear it in the song.”

There has not been any news yet on a potential release date for the track, neither has any information been revealed on any upcoming Jack Ü material, but we hope this means there will be something coming in the near future.

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