Watch Danny Brown’s New Video “Ain’t It Funny”, Directed by Jonah Hill

Danny Brown has kept fans on their toes since the surprise release of his critically acclaimed third studio album, ‘Atrocity Exhibition.’ Today he shares the wildly disturbing and uncomfortably funny video for “Ain’t It Funny”.

Directed by popular actor Jonah Hill, Danny re-imagines his life as an 80s sitcom episode but with a morbid twist. The video features legendary writer / director Gus Van Sant as the “dad”, “Growing Pains” ultimate TV-mom Joanna Kerns as the “mom”, artist, actress and Instagram-celebrity Lauren Alice Avery as the “sister”, the requisite cute kid as the “brother” and rap’s most ballistic antihero, Danny Brown as “Uncle Danny”.

Watch the hilarious new video above and checkout ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ on Spotify today.

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