Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Scott Mathers Just Turned 21 & She’s Smokin’ Hot

Guess Eminem isn’t only amazing at creating classic hits but beautiful children as well. Arguably his greatest creation ever have official became all grown up as Hailie Scott Mathers just turned 21-year-old.

Hailie made headlines over the weekend for her goregous splitting image of her mother donning a stunning revealing dress during her birthday weekend with current boyfriend, shown below:

Couldn't have asked for a better 21st birthday celebration (or a better guy to have by my side)

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The post is several weeks old as Hailie turned 21 back in the last few days of December 2016 on December 28th to be exact.

The daughter of Eminem and his infamous girlfriend, Kim Scott. Everyone is familiar with Em and Kim’s multiple public altercations and police reports that often lead to many of Eminem’s angiest tracks in his catalog including: “Kim,” “97 Bonnie and Clyde,” and “I’m Going Through Changes.”

Hailie is a student at Michigan State University and is born and raised in Eminem’s hometown of Detroit, Michigan. While it is known that Hailie lives with Eminem, it is uncertain on the relationship between Hailie and her mother Kim.

Hailie has often been publicly adored for her beauty growing up in the public eye since she was a child. Hailie has also contributed on multiple Slim Shady albums in the past. Hailie also ignited a now infamous feud between Eminem and Ja Rule when Rule mentioned Hailie in a song, predicting her adulthood.

Checkout her latest Instagram posts below, try not to drool to much on your device will ya.

Yes my pants match my closet & yes Lottie's entitled to photobomb on puppy day

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Mondays 😴

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As beautiful as the all grown up Princess of the Mathers Household is, there is no word of the daughter being proached by modeling agency for her ravishing beauty.

Continue to follow Hailie on her journey through life one IG post at a time here.

In related Eminem news, Eminem just recently signed two new acts to his Shady imprint in Westside Gunn and Conway. Among signing new acts, Eminem himself is also preparing new music with an album in the works that was announced earlier this year. So far from the album, all we have heard was his pre-Trump elected diss track, “Campaign Speech”.

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