Dave Chappelle Speaks on Returning To Stand Up, Doubts Before Hosting SNL, & Netflix Special with CBS

In a matter of hours, comedic actor Dave Chappelle partners with Netflix to release a massive two-part comedy special. Before the film-streaming giant unveils it’s possibly biggest project ever, Dave Chappelle sits down with CBS’s Gayle King for a candid interview, addressing many long-anticipated questions about his 30 year career as a stand up comedian.

After what he calls a career “detour,” Chappelle is making a comeback with three new Netflix specials. In a rare interview, he talks about the tipping point that made him “question” on his “Saturday Night Live” appearance last November, SNL’s first new show after President Donald Trump was elected into office. During the interview, Chappelle visited his former University and reflected on his new transition in both his career and life.

Dave Chappelle’s two-part Netflix special begins airing on Tuesday, March 21st on Netflix streaming service. Checkout the official trailer below:

After you watch the quick clips. Checkout the complete 17-minute plus interviews below:

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