Floyd Mayweather Announces He Is Coming Out of Retirement to Fight Connor McGregor

The biggest name in Sports, Floyd Mayweather, has just revealed that he will be coming out of retirement for one more fight with the biggest name in MMA, Connor McGregor.

While on the otherside of the pond, promoting his latest product, Floyd Mayweather interrupted interviews, to finally answer the rumors related to a possible fight between Floyd and Connor McGregor. Floyd requested everyone to take out their phones and begin recording and announced that he will be competing for his historic 50th win in Boxing as he will be officially returning to boxing only to fight Connor McGregor.

After the announcement and cheers, Floyd suggested that Connor sign the paperwork for the fight and make it happen in June 2017. Floyd labelled McGregor as the “B-Side” and proclaimed himself, “A-Side”. Floyd Mayweather is a former World Champion in multiple weight classes in boxing and still undefeated. McGregor has been approved for several boxing licenses in various states and has a boxing past; however, nothing professional.

McGregor last fought in MMA in 2016 when he defeated Eddie Alvarez and became the first-time two-division champion. McGregor current record in the UFC is 21-1 and he is the biggest draw in MMA PPV history.

Floyd Mayweather will be shaking off a two year ring rust as retired from boxing in September 2015 after claiming his 49th win over Andre Berto. Talk between a possible fight between the two stars began over Summer 2016 when McGregor was questioned about what his next moves were after claiming his two-division victory and self-proclaiming himself as the best fighter in the world.

McGregor has yet to respond to Mayweather’s challenge for a June bout. Both Boxing and MMA culture has had mixed reviews on this possible bout; however, it can be easily the biggest fight in history with ideal gross of 500 million.

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