The Chainsmokers Match Beatles & Bee Gees Record With Three Songs in Hot 100’s Top 10

I feel like we say this all the time now, but The Chainsmokers really are on top of the world right now. Take their latest feat for example – they just matched the legendary Beatles and Bee Gees for a new Billboard record.

With “Something Just Like This” featuring Coldplay, “Paris” and “Closer” with Halsey all currently in the Top 10, The Chainsmokers become just the third duo/group to ever have three tracks in the Top 10. The last time this happened? Almost 40 years ago.

The Beatles did this on a whole different level, spending 10 weeks with at least three tracks in the Top 10, and five tracks for two straight weeks. On April 4, 1964 though, they did the unthinkable and owned #1-5. Fast forward to 1979, The Bee Gees brothers achieved their multiple-single Top 10 feat 39 years ago.

With the latest accomplishment, The Chainsmokers became just the 14th act of all time (single, duo, group, etc.) to do this. The most recent was Justin Bieber Dec 2015-Feb 2016 with “Love Yourself,” “Sorry” and “What Do You Mean?” putting Alex and Drew among some of the biggest artists that have ever run the charts.

And… they haven’t even released their debut album yet, which is coming April 7th and will of course be accompanied by their first stadium tour. Can’t wait to see what else they achieve.

Check out the caption on this one for the lolz.

Should not have smoked before this

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