Bobby Shmurda Spits Freestyle For Meek Mill From Prison

Bennett Raglin/BET/Getty Images for BET

What do Bobby Shmurda and Meek Mill have in common? Bars, steel bars that is. In case you didn’t know, Bobby Shmurda is currently serving an extended prison sentence for a number of things. Meek Mill of course became a free man about two years ago.

Now it looks like the “Hot N***a” rapper is keeping his craft in check, using his time wisely and constantly writing (and bulking up). He took some time out of his busy day to hop on a call with Meek and Trav for a freestyle, and it was of course recorded.

Prior to the freestyle, he let everyone know he’s doing good. Listen to the interaction below.

“Man, I’m good. I’m getting big, man. I’m writing every day. I got some sh*t, man,” Shmurda says.

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