Lil Yachty Joins Sean Garrett For “Look On Your Face”

Sean Garrett is famous for his songwriting credits including Beyonce, Ciara, and Jennifer Lopez but as a recording artist. Sean’s career is still on the uprise as he drops a brand new video for his Lil Yachty-featured song, “Look on Your Face”.

Throughout the video, Sean and Yachty are wearing shades and a black fur coat. Garrett sings about a complicated relationship in front of static-filled television sets, lights, and smoke. Surrounded by lovely ladies, Sean fights temptations throughout. Lil Boat joins Sean in a fire-filled parking lot. With flames rising around them, the duo goes back and forth with harmonies and rhymes.

As “Look on Your Face” grows, Sean Garrett is already in the works on a remix for the song and currently finishing up a new album filled with star-studded features. The new album is currently untitled and slated to be released sometime 2017.

Watch the new video above.

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