New Found Glory Return To Punk Rock Glory With “Happy Being Miserable” [Music Video]

Honestly, who doesn’t love some throwback punk-rock? Those were pumped up, energetic day for music. With New Found Glory’s new single “Happy Being Miserable” it’s as if we’re back in the glory days of the genre. Check out the story-telling music video and add this one to your Spotify playlists below.

Even the track titles give that age-old, emo vibe.

“Your Jokes Aren’t Funny”
“Party On Apocalypse”
“Call Me Anti-Social”
“Happy Being Miserable”
“The Sound Of Two Voices”
“Blurred Vision”
“Say It Don’t Spray It”
“Barbed Wire”
“Short and Sweet”
“The Cheapest Thrill”

And the album might include 2015’s “Vicious Love” with Hayley Williams as they recently shared it as well.

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