Eminem & Mark Wahlberg Join Wale, Invest in Sneaker Stock Market Company, Dan Gilbert’s StockX

With Music established, of course artist are venture into other business investments to prolong their fortune. Today, rappers/well-known sneaker enthusiast Eminem and Wale are some of the high-profile names mentioned in a new sneaker-related consumer company known as StockX closing a six-million dollar investment deal.

If you’ve listened to Wale’s latest mixtape, ‘Summer on Sunset,’ you may recall a skit throughout the mixtape involving a discussion between actor Mark Wahlberg and StockX owner Dan Gilbert (Cleveland Cavs), searching for Wale and looking to close the deal. StockX is a Detroit-based company which explains the involvement of Eminem in the investment of the company.

StockX debuted back in February of 2016, is “the world’s first online consumer ‘stock market of things’”.

“With StockX, we’ve set out to create a unique form of commerce that genuinely doesn’t exist outside the stock market,” StockX co-founder and CEO Josh Luber says. “We are fortunate to have a unique group of investors – people who have changed the world in their respective fields and who are already helping us do the same.”

Launched with the focus of tapping into the global sneaker resale market, which is valued at $6 billion. With the investment, the company will expand into other resale avenues such apparel, watches and handbags.

Wale and Eminem are both also prepping the release of new album sometime in 2017. Eminem has already released one track,”Campaign Speech” and was recently featured on Big Sean’s ‘I Decided’ album on the track, “No Favors”. Wale has released several singles from his upcoming album, ‘Shine’ including, “P.Y.T.”, “Groundhog Day”, and his Lil Wayne-featured, “Running Back”.

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