[FITA Premiere] Rell The Soundbender Takes Us Down To EDC Mexico With “Diablotown”

It’s banger season! Wait, that meant to say festival season.

Rell The Soundbender is starting 2017 off with, um, a bang. To add more hype to the already insane lineup that is EDC Mexico, Insomniac is putting out a compilation, that will include this huge new track, from some of the best artists on that list.

“Those that have been following my journey know about the Diablo Squad movement and what it represents. ‘Diablotown‘ is a representation of that movement with its intensity, energy and it literally sounds like a someone is trying to tell you something. We all have that inner demon that lurks and influences our decisions and thoughts.

We all battle bad days, universal tests and moments, heartbreaks, depression and sadness, but one thing I have learned on my journey is no matter what, at the end of the day, YOU have complete control of your attitude. You decide how you want to feel every single day. You allow others and circumstances to alter the way you are feeling and the mood you are in.

That is the idea behind #DiabloSquad. It is the recognition of these elements in life, these tests that the universe will constantly and forever continue to throw at us, and it’s up to us to use that energy and turn it into something positive. ‘Diablotown’ is my first official release of the “Wildstyle” sound and I couldn’t be happier than to release it with Insomniac records and premiere it in Mexico at EDC.”

Take a listen to the premiere of “Diablotown” below!

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