The Chainsmokers Took Home Their First Grammy At 2017 Ceremony For Best Dance Recording

The Chainsmokers have finally done it! Drew Taggart and Alex Pall rode their incredible 2016 to the red carpet on music’s biggest night, and took home their first-ever Grammy at the 2017 ceremony.

The incredible duo won Best Dance Recording for their song “Don’t Let Me Down.” They initially approached Rihanna for the feature, but had to settle with the ever so talented Daya, who at just 18 also wins her first Grammy. While not as viral as hits like “Closer,” the could have honestly won this category with any of their 2016 releases.

Huge congrats goes out to them, and can’t wait to see what stunts you pull off in 2017. The Chainsmokers just announced their debut album and a massive tour as well. Maybe now you’ll get that RiRi feature?

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