The Internet Lights Iggy Azalea’s Ass Up While on Vacation in Mexico

Iggy Azalea had a rough 2016, she deserves some rest and relaxation. Over the weekend, the Australian recording artist made headlines as she hit Mexico for some fun in the sun but not with the rumored romance of French Montana; however, with a new possible fling in Los Angeles producer Ljay Currie.

While the headlines discussed her new fling, the undefeated internet issued out the current-GQ Austraila Woman of the Year and L once photo surfaced of her infamous ass looking like it called Mike Tyson a sussie.

Partying on a Yachty with friends, the 26-year-old “Team” performer passionately made out with producer behind new hits for the likes of superstar acts like Chris Brown, who couldn’t keep his hands off her curvaceous derrière. Iggy was engaged to NBA’s Los Angeles Laker Nick Young last year and could be just dating as there is no confirmation that the two are in a relationship.

Checkout the complete photo gallery below:

Once these photos hit the net, the backlash was quick and vicious. Tweeting the harsh comments like:

Man @IGGYAZALEA ass looks like she is 60 smh @NickSwagyPYoung u dodged a bullet lol

IGGY GIRLLLLL bring that cottage cheese ASS HERE BOY!😭😭😭😭😭😭 @IGGYAZALEA Why you look like Trump neck my dude????

Iggy Azalea ass job just as bad as her rap skills.

omg @IGGYAZALEA’s butt looks 6 😳

But isn’t Iggy suppose to be dating French Montana? That’s what French thought to. The New York recording artist sent out a twitter following the release of the vacation photos with what looks to be a petty message. French tweet the following threat:

Y'all think #FrenchMontana knows what #IggyAzalea been up to 👀😩

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Iggy and French recently collaborated on a new single set to be released on Iggy’s upcoming second album. Frequent French collaboartor Drake is also rumored to be featured on the Australian’s Def Jam follow-up as well.

No word on when Iggy’s second album will be released at press time.

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