Migos Hype New Album ‘CULTURE’ With Tyga & Kylie Jenner, Which Is Awkward AF Because…

So Migos have a new album coming out next Friday, Jan. 27th called CULTURE. Leading up to it, they’ve hit us with bangers like the chart-topping “Bad And Boujee,” “T-Shirt,” “Call Casting,” and most recently, “What The Price.”

To further hype the album, they took to social media and posted up a picture of them with Tyga and Kylie Jenner taken at the listening party. Now normally, this wouldn’t really be a big deal.

But something tells us Tyga doesn’t listen to all that much Migos, so he may not be familiar with 2016’s “Trippin” off their YRN 2 project. On it, they basically rap about pipping up Kylie Jenner, who is obv Tyga’s bae.

The quotable lyrics go like this:

“Shorty a stallion / She looking like Kylie Jenner / I got a million / Bring the dope back I put dick up in her”

You can hear hear “Trippin” below. Lolz.

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