Listen To Skrillex’s VIP Remix Of “Purple Lamborghini” Featuring Rick Ross

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Last year, Skrillex teamed up with Rick Ross for a cut off the Suicide Squad movie soundtrack called “Purple Lamborghini” and needless to say the result was quite rambunctious.

Earlier this week, the famed producer blessed us with a stunning 11-minute video of what he’s been up to called The Same Place, with a 7-track backdrop en suite.

Track #2 was dubbed simply “ID – Skrillex” and it was followed by “Purple Lamborghini – Skrillex & Rick Ross” and a redditor put it together, bringing the VIP edit from the video to life. They’ve uploaded it for our enjoyment and you can take a listen below. It’s wild af.

Watch The Same Place tour recap video below.

And relive the “Purple Lamborghini” visuals that featured Jared Leto.


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