Joey Badass Gets Politically Raw on New Single, “Land of the Free”

2016 offered up plenty of new opportunities for New York recording artist Joey Badass. He was featured on the runaway hit USA series, ‘Mr. Robot’ and it looks like the politically-inspired drama has given Joey a new perspective on things as he releases his first single of the year titled, “Land of the Free“.

The first single from his upcoming album, ‘AABA’, produced by Pro Era’s Kirk Knight and Adam Pallin. “Land of the Free” is a tribute track to the greatest civil rights leader who ever lived, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Joey dives off the deep end lyrically on this one, the vocabulary is extreme, aggressive, and arguably his best effort to-date.

After hearing “Land of the Free”, fans of the Pro Era leader will be even more excited for the new content on the upcoming follow up album to his 2015, ‘B4.Da.$$’. Joey Badass just wrapped up touring with Schoolboy Q.

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