Young Thug Spent Over $100K For This “Wyclef Jean” Music Video… And Didn’t Even Show Up

This is the only actual footage of Young Thug in his “Wyclef Jean” music video, it’s him eating Cheetos, footage he sent in.

I don’t watch music videos often, but it looks like when I do, the artist basically isn’t even in it. Welcome to the head-scratching music industry.

Young Thug has shared the music video for “Wyclef Jean,” the lead from 2016’s album No, My Name Is Jeffery. But this is no ordinary video.

For starters, the director ends up narrating from the get go, quickly revealing that he never even met Young Thug during the process, and was simply sent an audio recording of him explaining his idea for the video, which you can watch below.

You’ll see babes in hot wheel “kiddie cars.”

Then you’ll see real kids smashing cop car – apparently while real cops are watching.

But this is my favorite sequence, as Young Thug actually made his way to the set – but refused to get out of the car because his Instagram account got hacked and drove away…

And then they just had some fun with the models.


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