Jai Wolf Shares Stunning Music Video For “The World Is Ours”

Sajeeb Saha is the force behind the indie-electronic Jai Wolf project. Actively involved with music since the age of five, when he took up the violin in high school, he was a New York all-state performer and started making tracks during his teens.

Since then, he has been recognized by Skrillex, ODESZA and many more for his melodic, dreamlike productions. Last year, he dropped his debut EP Kindred Spirits and and embarked on his Kindred Spirits Tour.

Yesterday, he took to social media to upload a teaser video with absolutely no sound. Today, we now know what he was teasing…his stunning music video for “The World Is Ours.”

I frequently think about how music has enabled me to travel the world so I wanted to make a video highlighting all my adventures in 2016. The world will always be at your fingertips…sometimes you just have to close your eyes and take the leap.
special thanks to @itscolinmiller, @justinnizer, and Eyewax films for bringing this project to life

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