Soulja Boy Takes Shots At 50 Cent, Chris Brown, & Quavo On New Track, “Hit ‘Em With the Draco”

As things slightly die down with the situation between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy proposed boxing match. Soulja Boy Tell’em re-ignites attention with the release of a diss track aimed at not only his opponent Chris Brown, but mentor 50 Cent, and recent rival Quavo.

“Hit ‘Em With the Draco” is Soulja Boy seizing the moment with his new popular catch phrase of the same title. Throughout the song, Soulja slanders the R&B singer, Hip-Hop mogul, and rising new sensation. Talks on bankruptcy, being a woman beater, threating to knock out or gun down with the mini AK-47.

Soulja Boy and Chris Brown upcoming boxing match is scheduled to be presented by Floyd Mayweather and looking to be held in Abu Dabi after Las Vegas has declined to grant both musicians a license in Nevada. Floyd Mayweather has mentioned that the fight could reach seven figures while both Chris and Soulja Boy are contracted to receive a million for stepping in the ring.

The proposed bout is looking to take place in March but there has been no confirmed date at press time.

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