Lil B Becomes One With The Universe in New Documentary, ‘Believe in Earth: A Very Rare and Based Visual Experience’

During Viceland’s time in the Bay Area, shooting the latest documentary with E-40 and G-Eazy. The network made a side stop in the Land of the Hyphy to spend time with artist who has come to birth today’s hottest acts like Vince Staples, Lil Yachty, and Childish Gambino. The Based God himself, Lil B.

Lil B “The Based God” is one of modern rap’s most influential figures, a musical trailblazer whose “based” philosophy of open-mindedness and positivity has already shaped countless artists who have followed in his wake. For this very rare motivational experience featuring artists E-40, G-Eazy, Vince Staples, Clams Casino, Lil Yachty, Kreayshawn, Joey Purp, and Lil B himself, Noisey journeyed to Lil B’s hometown of Berkeley, California—and deep within ourselves—to find out what it really means to be based.

Ahead of his time, Lil B is the originator of so many of today’s popular trends. The curse of a sports figure, memes, and the iconic “Fuck my bitch” catchphrase. Based God hasn’t been as flamboyant in 2016 as he was several years ago but he has continued to drop new music for his cult following. A new project is on the way; therefore, in the meantime the Based God takes over Lil B and gives a sermon to the masses.

Hit the play above and watch the Based God speak the gospel.

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