Obama’s Farewell Speech Inspires Tupac “Changes” Remix By Autograf [Free Download]

Last night, President Obama dropped the mic one last time as POTUS, delivering his farewell speech as millions listened, were inspired, and then quickly came to the realization that the world was coming to an end. But that’s neither here nor there.

We have gathered here today, because producers Autograf were inspired by last night’s events so much, they just had to release something for the occasion. And is anything more appropriate than a refreshing new take on Tupac‘s classic, “Changes“?

While many of the issues in the original are still alive and well in this day and age, everyone will at least remember Obama as the coolest president to ever serve, and for that, we salute you.

In case you missed the speech, you can watch it in its entirety below.

And because no one will ever say no to the original…

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