Watch JAUZ Drop This Insane Unreleased Edit Of Odd Mob’s “Gassed Up”

JAUZ is one of the most talented young superstars in the game. In addition to his extremely amazing productions, he also puts on one hell of a live performance.

JAUZ recently took to Facebook to upload some insane footage from a recent performance of his in Toronto. The caption of the video sums it up perfectly crowd: “IDK WTF THIS IS BUT IM GOIN HARD AF.”

The song playing seems to be some insane edit of Odd Mob’sGassed Up” but who is it by? Only time will tell but popular guesses seem to be Jauz and also Kayzo. What did Odd Mob have to say about it?

Umm wtf, JAUZ made an edit of Gassed Up and didn’t even tell us?! Goes hard af tho ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ

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