Stream James Egbert’s Album ‘Friction’

Within the ever-evolving genre we know as EDM, there are few producers with as deep flexibility, knowledge, and understanding of songwriting and electronic sound design as James Egbert. Recently, he was hard at work in the studio finishing up his album Friction.

Today, the 13 track masterpiece has finally arrived. So check out this beauty above, read what he had to say about the release, the industry and more, and grab the download below.

So Friction is out tomorrow. Just wanted to share a few thoughts. These past few years have been interesting as this “industry” I work in has changed drastically. And as I’ve watched some of my friends go from making nothing to literally millions of dollars per year within this same industry, I have to admit it’s been a bit of a struggle to figure out where I actually belong. I’m certain that every artist, from the top of the scene to the bottom, feels a constant “friction” between maintaining their integrity via writing the music that’s etched into their soul and treating music as a job and creating what’s societally (and resulting in financially) relevant. The constant changes that have taken place within this “EDM” scene over the past 7-10 years have created this unavoidable friction, because as this music scene has become increasingly monetized as an “industry”, copy/paste business mentalities have become prevalent in order to continue appealing to mass demand.
This has left a number of us producers who got into the whole thing out of love of the craft stuck in this friction because once we’ve unearthed that love, it’s a difficult thing to abandon. That’s why my favorite shows will always be those where it seemed that the music was the only important thing…playing with Zedd in 2011 to a half-filled theater in Boulder, or playing to thousands of music lovers deep within a forest in Sweden or in a dark club in Tokyo where I couldn’t even speak the same language as the majority of the attendees. In those moments, it felt that the only thing that mattered was the music.
So the album comes out tomorrow. I think it’s fairly obvious that I’ve fully jettisoned 😉 the idea of worrying about what trends/management/agents etc have told me to produce….and who knows, there may be a time where that has to change. But I’ve known numerous producers who haven’t been as lucky after throwing professional opinions aside for the sake of their own artistic integrity. My hope in the album release tomorrow (and in the future) is that any time you come across an artist whose goal is to maintain originality and you resonate with them, that you share their music and evangelize it to the world. That sharing is the only thing standing between us and musical monotony, between us and creative departure.
All that being said, I certainly hope that you enjoy this newest representation of my OWN sound, my OWN personal creativity, and my own battles to give the world something that will bring happiness and positivity. And…if I did all this correctly…this sound won’t be gauged on how much it sounds like something else, but rather gauged on how much it sounds like James Egbert.
Thank you for all your support over these past 5 years.

Download: James Egbert – Friction

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