Chris Brown & Soulja Boy Set To Headline Celebrity Boxing Match, Floyd Maywather, 50 Cent, Mike Tyson Set To Train

What began as a simple “like” on a photo has turned into a self-proclaimed “Fight of the Century”. Entertainers Chris Brown and Soulja Boy Tell’em have decided to take their disagreement to the ring and fight in a Celebrity Boxing match for charity this March.

The beef between the two started over Soulja Boy liking a instagram photo of longtime friend Chris Brown’s former girlfriend actress/model Karrachue. Chris Brown didn’t take kindly to Soulja appreciating his former flame and rumored to have contacted Soulja Boy about it and threatening to fight King Soulja upon seeing him out in Los Angeles.

Check out the complete exchange of words in the video above.

Soulja Boy quickly took to social media to reveal Chris stepping to him and countered with similar threats of bodily harm to the RCA singed singer. This proceeded both artists to trade trash talk back and forth with Chris Brown concluding the disses with an opportunity to settle their differences in the ring. Soulja Boy agreed to the challenge and both called upon boxing friend 4-time boxing champion Adrien Broner to set up the fight at his gym.

While Broner has agreed to be involved in the fight, he is currently training for a upcoming fight himself next month on Showtime Boxing, he has made a call to his big brother Floyd Mayweather Jr to put the fight together.

Floyd Mayweather has not only agreed to help put the fight together, he has also agreed to train Soulja Boy Tell’em for the upcoming bout. See Floyd and Soulja together getting fans ready for the official fight between the Virigina and Georiga-natives.

As Floyd agreed to help with the fight, his long-time friend and fellow boxing promoter/musician 50 Cent saw the huge money to made behind the fight and came in as co-promoter, even offered to hire Iron Mike Tyson to help train Chris Brown. 50 Cent went into full promotion mode immediately in a series of hilarious videos. Mike Tyson also adds commentary of his own with a decleared victory.

The details for the upcoming bout thus far are as followed: Soulja Boy and Chris Brown will be compensated one-million dollars a piece to fight in the celebrity bout. Soulja Boy will be trained by undefeated retired champion Floyd Mayweather while Chris Brown will be trained by legendary former Heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson. The fight will take place inside Mayweather’s longtime battle ground Las Vegas’ MGM Grand. Both Brown and Soulja have agreed to donate $100 Thousand dollars to charity. Promotions behind the fight will be handled by 50 Cent’s SMS promotions and Floyd’s Mayweather Promotions. The fight will be a three-rounds, three-minute round with prize fighting rules and regulations.

All the proceeds from the fight have been agreed to go to charity.

Since the announcement of the early-proclaimed “Fight of the Century”, both the music and boxing world has weighed in on the situation. Close acquaintances of both musicians have given their prediction on the outcome of the fight. See the comments below from boxing greats Andre Berto, Adrien Broner, Troy King.

While Chris has been dodging the press to discuss the upcoming fight. Soulja Boy accompanied by Floyd sat down for an exclusive interivew with Floyd’s new podcast program Hollywood Unlocked to discuss the complete ordeal involving his participation in the bout and everything behind the beef between the two music superstars. Floyd chimed in several times throughout the interview to describe the importance behind this fight. The fight is promoted to be a cause behind the end of gun violence within the inner-city youths across America. See the complete 30-minute interview below:

While most fellow recording artists have laughed at the potential bout being held at the MGM Grand. Other acts with actual gang affilated ties like YG and Game, both from Compton, California, have issued statement claiming that the “Crank That” and “Party” hitmakers are not from Bompton. YG tweeted the statement naming both celebrities unofficial residents shown below:

Bompton is a catch phrase used by Blood Gang members to refer to Compton, California without using the letter “C” which is the first letter of rival gang, Crips. Game confirmed the YG tweet with his own emoji also shown below.

Brown and Soulja’s potential bout has also ignited other popular acts to issue challenges to several peers to fight on the undercard. Successful indie rapper Riff Raff has already made a video teaser issuing a challenge to already involved promoter 50 Cent to a heavyweight bout on the Celebrity undercard. In the IG video below, Riff Raff shows off his boxing skills and proving he is the proper weight to duel with the Jamaica Queens-native in prize fight.

Chris Brown is currently in New York City while Soulja Boy Tell’em is in Las Vegas. Since the announcement of the fight, Chris Brown has been reportedly banned for life from the popular New York gym Life Time Fitness for being unrulely, cussing, and unreasonable with Life Time staff and members. Soulja Boy meanwhile was reportedly robbed in during a quick stop in Los Angeles over the weekend by unknown assailants.

The match is set to be available on PPV this March and tickets will available in the coming week for seating inside the proposed MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for more info here as it becomes avaliable.

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