Skrillex’s “First Of The Year” Gets Flipped By CRaymak [Free Download]

As a student of the high art that is Jazz, CRaymak is a multi-instrumentalist who was born to question the meaning on music, to voyage across it’s boundaries and discover new sounds. Using 15 years of Classical and Jazz theory, this is an artist that incorporates advanced chord sequences and musical arrangements into dance-floor ready cuts for the modern world.

He has kicked off 2017 in a major way. Not only did he release his insane edit of Skrillex’sFirst Of The Year” but he announced a massive year-long project. So check the crazy tune above, read about the project and grab the free download below.

I’ve decided to start 2017 off by releasing a brand new Bootleg that I put together of ‘First Of The Year’ by Skrillex. This is the start of a new year long project where I will be releasing a new Bootleg on the first day of every month (12 in Total). In doing this, I am remixing old tunes of Artists who i’ve been inspired by since I started this journey into music production. I thought starting with a remix of a Skrillex track would be fitting as he was one of the first artists who really got me into loving electronic music, as soon as I heard Scary Monsters. All that aside, enjoy my take on ‘First Of The Year’!

Download: Skrillex – First Of The Year (CRaymak Bootleg)

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