So… There’s A Dating App For Weed Smokers Now Called HighThere!

Just when you thought 2016 couldn’t possibly have any more tricks up its sleeves for us, we get tipped off on something like this. Meet HighThere!, the latest dating app for a niche market where you can “discover a Cannabis community filled with people just like you.”

“Created with the goal of providing a platform for the Cannabis community to connect, High There! brings like- minded individuals together for great conversation, through photo, video, and shared experiences.”

The app originally launched in early 2016, but is starting to pickup buzz thanks to some success stories in the form of long-term relationships and even marriages, as you can see below.

CEO Darren Roberts told Complex the app’s biggest success came from giving people “a way to connect with others like them without stigma,” mostly via a newsfeed called JOINTS.


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