Kanye West’s New Year Resolution For 2017: Happiness For All

Kanye West’s end to 2016 probably didn’t go quite as planned – being committed to a psychiatric hospital probably wasn’t on his bucket list this year.

But that’s all over now, and he’s back to his crazy eccentric self, as seen with his new “shertbert-colored” hairdo.

Ye also celebrated the holidays with his fam, and shared the cheer with his fans through this family photo.

And he’s looking ahead to 2017.

Yesterday, while leaving the gym in L.A., Kanye was stopped by a paparazzi, who asked him what his New Year’s resolution was for 2017. Ye’s response? A nice cool and calm “happiness – for everyone” (rather than take over the world as the paparazzi suggested).

Watch the clip below courtesy of TMZ.


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