This Video of Marshmello Surprising A 3 Year Old Fan is AMAZING

Marshmello made this 3 year old fans day, big time. Lethan, from Dallas, is a huge Marshmello fan and has made videos of himself dancing to the producer’s biggest hits. So Marshmello decided to treat his young fan with a surprise visit. Watch the two jam out to “Alone” in their matching Marshmello mask and garb. This is a real heart melter for sure. Also check out another funny clip the two made together below.

“There is no better feeling than meeting the people who inspire you to keep going every single day,” Marshmello says. “This is 3 year old Lethan from Dallas, you guys might remember i posted a video of him dancing to my music a few weeks back so you know i had to suprise him. Thank you mellogang, i love you guys so much.”

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