BOOM! CeeLo Green’s Samsung Phone Explodes in His Face [Video]

UPDATE: We were all Punk’d.


Many may not remember or know about Samsung suddenly recalling their new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and discontinuing them immediately back in October. Well it looks as if popular television judge/platinum singer/songwriter Cee-Lo Green was a victim of one of the defect smartphones.

Today, security surveillance has surfaced showing a phone exploding in the singer’s face and knocking him out of his chair and possible unconscious while in a recording studio. In the video above, Cee-lo was in the middle of a phone conversation right before an unexpected explosion takes place next to the “F-You” hit maker’s ear. It’s unknown the serviette of his injuries or if he were injured at all. The video ends with Cee-lo motionless on the ground.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 suffers from a manufacturing defect in the device‚Äôs battery that caused fires and explosions.

There is no word or comment on Cee-lo’s current condition due to the unconfirming of the timeframe the security video was shot, nor if what Cee-lo was on was exactly a Galaxy Note 7; however, social media blames Samsung for the incident nonetheless.

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