Bro Safari – The Drop (Remix EP Ft. MUST DIE!, Ricky Remedy & Cory Enemy)

Nicholas Weiller, better known by his stage name Bro Safari, is a DJ/producer/parent and so much more. And ever since releasing “Scumbag” and “The Drop,” the world started to recognize his name and he has never looked back.

Let us focus on “The Drop” for a second. He released the tune back in 2013 so that’s 3 years of waiting for more out of the original. Today, it looks like we are getting that and much more with the official Remix EP featuring MUST DIE!, Ricky Remedy & Cory Enemy.

It recently occurred to me that I never officially released any of the remixes of The Drop, therefore they weren’t available on streaming sites like Spotify. With that in mind, I decided to put this EP package together. Thanks for the support over the years. I’m eager to release a bunch of new music in 2017.
– Nick / Bro Safari

Download: Bro Safari – The Drop (Remix EP)

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