Kim Kardashian Reportedly Wants To Divorce Kanye West & Keep Both Children

UPDATE: No, Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Are NOT Getting Divorced

OH SHIT! Word is Kim Kardashian West is seeking a divorce from Kanye West, and will be asking for full custody of both their children.

While Yeezy may have been released from the hospital following his few days in a psychiatric hospital, his troubles may be far from over.

A source close to the couple, calling themselves a “friend” of Kim, told Us Weekly she’s pushing for the divorce and will want North (Nori) and Saint (who just celebrated his 1st birthday Dec. 5th) to go with her.

“It will take some time before she can do anything,” says the source, “but she doesn’t want to stay married.” The report goes on to say that while Kim is being supportive of Kanye amid his mental suffering, she apparently does not want him to be around their children. Her friend states that though Kim still cares about Kanye, she has “felt trapped for a while.”

This is a trying time to both families, and we hope everything gets resolved soon, and that we can go back to posting about music.


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