Nas & Run The Jewels Follow In 2 Chainz Footsteps With Release of Christmas Sweaters


Last Christmas, Def Jam’s 2 Chainz‘s cashed out on idea for ugly Christmas sweaters with logo of Santa Claus doing a dab. Making a profit of around two-million dollars last year that he donated to helping veterans, disabled children, families, 2 Chainz is looking to re-up this holiday season; however, he won’t be alone as his original idea sparks a trend that will be accompanied by fellow signature Christmas sweaters by legendary Hip-Hop recording artist Nas and popular recording duo Run the Jewels.

Through his new clothing line HSTRY, Nas looks to have a equal amount of success as 2 Chainz with the release of his own “Kneeling Santa Claus” Christmas sweater. Nas has announced that the proceeds from the purchase will go to the Center for Court Innovation, a non-profit for criminal justice reform.

Fellow ATLien Killer Mike and his group member/producer El-P throw their faces on a sweater with the holiday spirit titled, “Run The Yules”.

Fending off the competition, 2 Chainz bringing back the Santa and introducing a fit based the current dance du jour, “Juju On That Beat.” Proceeds will be going to Chainz’s T.R.U. Foundation that will help veterans and their families.

The sweaters range from $35 to $55.



Choose between the three: Nas, 2 Chainz, Run The Jewels.

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