Listen To Getter & Andy Milonakis’ “Moonshine”

For several years, Tanner Petulla aka Getter has been making his mark in the bass music scene. He has impressed many people in the industry and countless electronic music fans with his unquestionable talent at making high quality dubstep music at such a young age.

Earlier this month, he went to Soundcloud to start uploading some really creative and experimental tunes that had never been released. Then, he uploaded “Cruisin” featuring Nick Colletti and then his remix of Juicy J’s “Money a Do It.”

And now today, he is back with another tune for ‘getters z sides.’ Here we have “Moonshine” with Andy Milonakis. So listen to the absurdity above and stay posted here for any more ‘getter z sides.’

throwaway #7
recorded this with andy like 2 years ago

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!