Bare Noize & JuJu – Thump Therapy [Free Download]

Bare Noize & JuJu team up to give us their brand new single. The tune send shivers down our spines with its dark tone and grueling bass. While letting it’s presence known, it creates such a massive atmosphere that will soon have the sky fall down upon us all.

This tune is as gnarly as it gets, awarding us that addictive and bouncy riddim sound. The riddim scene has grown in popularity over the years, separating and also uniting itself at times with the dubstep community. All being recognized for loving bass and that filthy 140bpm sound, this collaboration will have fans in mayhem. Coming to speakers near you, we present you ‘Thump Therapy‘.

Download: Bare Noize & JuJu – Thump Therapy

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