Kanye West Hospitalized After Canceling Saint Pablo Tour


After an absurd rant, cutting his set short, and cancelling his Saint Pabout tour, we learn that Kanye West has been hospitalized today (Nov. 21) after police respond to a medical welfare call, sources told NBC News.

The call happened around 4:20 PM EST (1:20 PM PST) for his own health and safety, and he’s being held at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. He was removed by force, and in handcuffs.

While no reason was given initially for the tour cancellation, it’s apparent now Ye was not well enough to continue.

Kanye has always been known for his rants, and has been late and even booed at shows before (like Bonnaroo in 2008, 2014), but what we’ve heard the last few days is even out there for him. He’s endorsed Trump and, admitted he didn’t vote, called out Jay Z and Beyonce, Mark Zuckerberg and others.

Hopefully this is just a drill, but sending our wishes to Yeezy. #PrayForYe #Yeezy2020

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