Eminem Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Remastered Release of Debut Single, “Infinite” & New Documentary

Eminem is the most iconic figure in Hip-Hop ever. His accolades stand the test of time and is arguably debatable to be more influential than both Bigge and Tupac combined. Many believe Eminem’s beginnings was in the 1999 release of his major label debut album, ‘The Slim Shady LP’. However, Eminem career originally sparked a global phenomenon three-years before in 1996 with the release of his debut album, ‘Infinite’.

On the debut album’s 20th anniversary, Eminem decides to bless fans with an in-depth look into the recording sessions of the 1996 project and refresh the early works in a new remastered release. Infinite is the debut studio album by Detroit homebred. It was released originally on November 12, 1996, under Web Entertainment.

Recording sessions took place at the Bass Brothers’ studio, known as the Bassmint Productions, with the production that was handled by longtime Eminem friends, Mr. Porter and Proof. The album featured late-Proof, Mr. Porter, Eye-Kyu, Three and Thyme, and singer Angela Workman. The album sold 1,000 physical copies.

Eminem’s longtime collaborators The Bass Brothers released a mini-documentary called Partners In Rhyme: The True Story of Infinite revisiting the project. In includes vintage and never-before-seen footage of Eminem and them during the recording and promotion process for the album.

The album’s title-track has been remixed, remastered by F.B.T. and made available for streaming on all major outlets. Download a copy of the new 20th anniversary version of “Infinite” here.

In current Eminem news, the “Lose Yourself” hitmaker is back and prepping the release of a new album. Eminem recently dropped a politically-charged new single, “Campaign Speech” that has rocketed to number-one immediately upon release back in October on Billboard.

Checkout the new nine-minute documentary above, and relive the song below.

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