Listen To Alessia Cara’s Cover Of Frank Ocean’s ‘Super Rich Kids’

Canadian singer and songwriter, Alessia Cara, performs an amazing rendition of ‘Super Rich Kids’ by Frank Ocean. The upcoming R&B star went live on BBC Radio 1 where she had previously given her covers to Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.

Whilst giving her smooth and intimate cover to the song she also mentioned her admiration for Frank Ocean. “I’m a huge Frank Ocean fan,” she mentioned. Who can blame her? Frank Ocean has been the inspiration for many artists.

Alessia Cara exclaimed, “This is one of the most brilliant songs, not only of his, but ever. I think it’s so genius. It’s beautiful lyrically, I love the melody. It’s something different and I hope we can do it justice”. A genuine comment from one creative to another, this is the type of positivity we can all come on board with.

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