Chance The Rapper Leads Hometown Parade To The Polls

Chicago has been very untied lately, a lot of the new found unity can be thanks to the new World Series Champs and highly-successful indie recording artist Chance the Rapper.

After offering voter registration at each stop of his recent Magnificent Coloring World Tour, Chance The Rapper has remained diligent in his efforts to get out the vote. On the eve of Election Day, he appeared in a Hillary Clinton campaign ad and then threw a free “Parade to the Polls” concert in Chicago.

Last night, after the show, Chance marched thousands of fans through the streets of his hometown to an early voting site. Local news and TMZ was on hand to capture the whole experience shown below:

Today is Election Day, so make sure you go out to your local polls and vote. Chance has already voted and encouraged fans to vote via twitter.

In other Chance news, the Chicago recording artist is set to make his feature film debut as he star in new upcoming Austin Vesely-directed film, Slice

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