Mark Johns – ‘Molino’ EP

Some time had passed since we last heard anything from Mark Johns, until recently when she released two tracks. “Molino” and “Before You” became available in early October, to stream and download free.

Rolling Stone premiered the two tracks as a proper teaser that promised to make up for time lost. In an interview with the magazine, Mark Johns revealed just how lost she was during this recent hiatus, caught in the whirlwind of rising fame that so abruptly uprooted her humble beginnings and landed her in LA, confused and alone and coming of age creatively.

Mark Johns’s came onto the dance music scene as Moving Castle Collective‘s muse, serenading sweetly and softly on an increasing number of tracks with immediacy. Her independence and raw talent was so seamless and natural, it was not before long at all that this singer ended up by Skrillex‘s side. Something of an existential crisis ensued, as a result of these trying transitions. Ultimately, she was able to viscerally transfer this experience to music.

Molino is six tracks, sound waves of pure and unabridged catharsis, a telling twenty plus minutes where within the bars of her rhymes, Mark Johns serenades softly and sweetly the score of her sadness and strength.

It’s definitely not a happy project. There are some hopeful bits to the songs as well, but for the most part, they’re sad feelings. That’s where they come from. [Moving to L.A. and getting settled] was a great time as well; it was so new and I was meeting all these awesome people. It was crazy, but it as just a lot all at once, and sometimes it was just too much.

There is so much merit in that honesty, such a rare quality in an unforgiving music industry. She refused to sacrifice even a shred of her artistic integrity in the making of Molino, licensing unique creativity and protecting her art from being anything but the realest, rawest project. OWSLA uniquely released the EP, with an interactive website that essentially functions as a cartoon strip, with links to music videos and other things Molino, illuminating this emotional biopic through visualizations.

Well worth the wait, here is Mark John’s Molino EP.



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