Watch Mura Masa & A$AP Rocky Story Tell in New Video, “Love$ick”

Since relocating to the other side of the pond, A$AP Rocky has discovered a new resurgence of passion in crafting new music. In 2016, we gotten two new albums from the Harlem-bred recording artist (Cozy Tape Vol.1, At. Long. Last. A$AP) and a slew of awesome guest featured collaborations like this hot new track from British producer Mura Masa, “Love$ick”.

The clip involves a gathering of adolescent kids just doing what kids do: hanging out with friends, partying, and hotboxing a car. Neither Mura Masa or Rocky make appearances in the video; however, narrate the tale through lyrics and uptempo beat.

It is unsure where “Love$ick” will end up but we will keep you informed as it becomes available.

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