Blink-182’s “What’s My Age Again” Gets The Future Bass Treatment From Razz

Many dance music fans will be able to reminisce the days that were filled with emotional and relatable pop punk angst. Fueled by many great bands, Blink 182 lead the way for us all. Given the occasion a producer feeling nostalgic presents us with their rendition of any of the bands classics, it is a rarity when somebody hits it out of the park.

Producer Razz does just that in release his modern vision of the hit song “What’s My Age Again.” The original track being known for it’s high energy and wild drum rack making it irresistible to dance to is given a total face lift. The transformation is uncanny as the artist does a fantastic job of taking the vocals and placing them in such a euphoric setting with a beautiful sound design and pretty melodies to go along with it. If you’re all in for an emotional grasping remix, Razz has got you covered.

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