Lil Aaron Drops Highly Anticipated ‘GLOING PAIN$’ Album

If you’ve somehow been sleeping on Lil Aaron, it’s about time you start paying attention. After months of hype and an extremely successful social media campaign, GLOING PAIN$ is finally here and it’s everything we could’ve expected and more.

This album was one of the most anticipated projects of 2016, and Lil Aaron made sure it lived up to the expectations. The 7-song EP pushes the boundaries of hip-hop and alternative, fusing into a unique genre that you have to hear to truly appreciate. Twitter user @Gregisonfire compared it to a cross between Travis Scott and Good Charlotte, and that’s about as good of an explanation as I can give. Whatever you choose to call it, one thing that’s for sure is how innovative and important this project is.

“GLOING PAIN$ will change my life. It will change music. It will change everything.” – Lil Aaron

If the initial success of the album is any indication, it looks as if Lil Aaron is well on his way to changing the game. Stream the instant classic on SoundCloud above, or support dope music and purchase it on iTunes below!

iTunes: Lil Aaron – GLOING PAIN$

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