Chance The Rapper To Star In His First Feature Film, ‘Slice’

Chance The Rapper continues his assent into stardom with his latest feat. Because setting musical records as an independent and writing and most recently linking up with the NBA and ESPN didn’t cut it for the 23 year old, he’s now taking his talents to the big screen. That’s right, he just announced that Chance The Actor will be making his presence known on ‘Slice‘ out in theaters in 2017.

It’s going to be a murder mystery and was filmed this summer in Chicago.

In an interview last year, we got actually got some insight into the film by Austin Vasely, who actually directed music videos for Chance like “Angels” which is nominated for the VMAs this year. So it’s not just chance that’s growing, but his team too.

The film centers around Dax Lycander who is a “werewolf who is a former Chinese food delivery driver” and has Chance “speed in and out like how the Joker comes in and out of ‘The Dark Knight.’ That’s the inspiration for how we handled the Dax character.”

It’s going to be lit.


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