Rich the Kid Ft. Young Thug – Ran It Up [Music Video]

Atlanta rappers Rich the Kid and Young Thug take to the Hollywood hills, showing the hood how the other side lives, and bringing their ATL roots to swanky LA, in this official music video for “Ran It Up”. Beginning by blazing up a fat Backwoods in the intro, talking about all these ‘old heads’ talking sh*t about what it is that they do.

Big booty hoes running all up in the frames filled with expensive cars and gear, with a bunch of really big rings and way more than two chains around their necks, this video is definitive of the ridiculousness that is their entire subgenre, we find the rappers mumbling on animal floats in a pool, not giving a f*ck.

At this point, it matters very little whether or not the layman can decipher what it is these two, or any of their compatriots are saying, because these cats have made it; they’ve made it big. Their words are dirty and grimy like the streets from whence they came, yet still meaningful combinations of letters, and probably best that it is quite laborious to understand their utterances.

The lyrics, lost on so many but completely intelligible to those that understand, are probably better left at a mumble. No one wants the kids singing along, knowing every foul word. Just say skkrrt, do a few dabs to the left and right, and enjoy the absurdity that is this subgenre; or don’t.

It matters very little.

Even if in denial about the legitimacy of this new class of rappers, which some even deny that they are that, no one can ignore their exorbitantly expansive popularity. This music video epitomizes everything everyone loves and hates about the southern rap that birthed mumble rap, taking things to an entertaining extreme.

Everyone is listening; everyone is watching.

Rich the Kid’s Keep Flexin’, is due out October 31st.

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