Prince Was Working on Vampire Diaries’ Kat Graham New Album Before He Died


Before his untimely death, it would appear that Prince was busy as ever creating new music not only for himself but for others as well.

With her regular acting gig coming to a halt later on this year, Vampire Diaries’ actress/singer Kat Graham is looking to take the opportunity to solely focus on her musical aspirations heading into the new year. During a recent interview with Complex, Graham revealed in the first 10-minutes of the conversation that she was solely focusing on music and set to deliver a brand new perception of her sound and that before his unexpected death, iconic singer/songwriter Prince was working on her new project.

See Kat’s revealing excerpt from the October 2016 Complex interview including Prince’s involvement and how it all came together below:

[Complex’s Frazier Tharpe] Did you end up leaving Interscope because they wouldn’t let you do your own thing?

[Kat Graham] : I just wasn’t feeling this kind of direction that a lot of labels will put on girls that look like me. Like, “Oh she’s cute, she’s CW, she can dance, we know exactly what do with you.” I’m not the girl that you should really just hand over tracks to. I can make my own stuff.

I had gotten a call from Prince, who was aware of what I was doing. I had started to work with him, and kind of got the idea of what the next album was going to be and the direction I needed to go. I was going back and forth to Paisley [Park], and then talking with Kenny [Babyface Edmonds]. Prince asked,”Why aren’t you dancing more? Why aren’t you doing more of this kind of funk, this kind of Donna Summers, Giorgio Moroder, like really cool funk records?” And I was like alright, let me get on it. I only got about three songs done before he passed and I spent the rest of the summer honing in on exactly what he meant. So that’s the album that I just finished last month. You have to be careful when you are an actor because people are so quick to make you not legit. I just wanna be a good artist.

The 27-year-old released an album back in 2015 under Sound Zoo Records titled, Roxbury Drive. It was Graham’s debut effort and the 11-track LP contains two singles, “1991” and the Babyface-featured, “Secrets”. Until 2015, Graham had been roaming around the music industry 2010, released several singles but nothing successful.

Graham’s first single off her upcoming sophomore effort, “All Your Love,” drops tomorrow. A cover art for the new single has been released ahead of time, shown below.


Kat Graham is taking her act to the big screen in 2017 as she is set to star in the new upcoming Tupac biopic titled, All Eyez On Me. Graham plays Pac’s longtime friend and actress Jada Pinkett Smith. All Eyez on Me currently has no official release date and will be distributed to theaters worldwide under Voltage/Open Road Films.

CW’s Vampire Diaries eighth and final season is currently airing now every Friday night.

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