Kevin Gates Sentenced To 180 Days In Prison For Infamous Kicking Fan Incident


In a year filled with success, it looks like platinum-selling recording artist Kevin Gates hits a minor set back in his career as he was found guilty today in Lakeland, Florida on Misdemeanor Battery. The charges stemmed from an August 2015 incident, in which the 30-year-old rapper was filmed kicking a woman in the chest during his concert in Lakeland, Florida.

While maintaining his innocence the entire trial, represented by defense attorney Jose Baez (Casey Anothny), Gates claimed his actions against victim, Miranda Dixon was justified under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. The infamous law practice the principle that a person may use deadly force in self-defense if he or she reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm has been the law in Florida for well over a century.

Gates’ claim to the incident in question is the victim was trying to pull him off stage by repeatedly grabbing his shorts from the crowd. Gates said that the victim wouldn’t heed his verbal warning, so he used “necessary force” to ensure he wouldn’t be harmed.

Although making the necessary claim, juried by a jury of his peers consisting of six caucasian women, Gates was ultimately found guilty. While the state requires misdemeanor battery complete 60-days in Jail along with one-year probation. Gates’ Judge tripled the sentencing that also includes mandatory anger management classes to 180-days in Jail.

Gates’ victim is also planning on embarking on a civil case in which the recording artist will be forced to pay for damages the victim endured both physically and mentally. Gates has yet to be served with a civil suit on the incident. More as the story develops.

Kevin Gates spent majority of 2016 on tour. First on the Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg co-headlining The High Road tour and on his very own ‘Islah’ tour in support of Gates’ debut album under Bread Winner Association/Atlantic.

There is currently no exact date on when Kevin Gates must turn himself in to begin serving sentence.

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